You Asked For It

Items requested by the neighbors at past meetings:
Street Light Out – 420-5160    Report on-line
Pothole to be filled – 420-5530  Report on-line
Recipe for a Successful Organized Neighborhood(pdf)
10 Things You Your Neighbors Can Do (pdf)
Key to Neighborhood Safety This is phone # information we used for a Door Hanger in English and Spanish. This was inspired by David Terrazas who collaborated with Santa Cruz Neighbors and Printed by Community Printers, Jenny Heth graphic design.
Animal Services Authority – Barking Dogs and Other Noise Problems
Identity Theft Presentation (pdf)
Loud & Unruly Gatherings Ordinance (pdf)
Noise Ordinance (pdf)
Public Hearing Notification Ordinance 6-06 (pdf)
Public Notification Planning Comm. Agenda Report 5-06 (pdf)
Public Property Ordinances March 09 (pdf)  Downtown, Beach and Commercial area ordinances

CLICK to REPORT to City of Santa Cruz on CRSP

  • Bike or pedestrian hazards on roadways or sidewalks.
  • Encampments.
  • Graffiti incidents on public or private property.
  • Found hypodermic syringes (needles).
  • Property code violations such as substandard housing, unpermitted units, junk vehicles, trash and debris.
  • Sewer spills or backups.
  • Neighborhood traffic concerns.

Anything not covered above, Please go to:

Responsibilities for Code Enforcement (pdf)

Sidewalk Maintenance Program trifold (pdf)

Santa Cruz Police Dept. Trespass Letter of Authority –

Street Performing in SC trifold (pdf)
UC Good Neighbor Guidelines trifold (pdf)
UCSC Red Cup Drinking Brochure(pdf)
Unruly Gatherings Ordinance Flyer (pdf)