Neighbors these are your tools to help in organizing your neighborhood. For example if you need the basic sign in sheet, ideas for flyers or a sample survey – Just click on FORMS. If you need help with meetings and organizing, TOOL TIPS is for you. YOU ASKED FOR IT, are items that have come up at meetings or questions that have been frequently asked. ARE YOU PREPARED? is for Emergency situations or disaster readiness. If something major happens in the area like an earthquake most neighbors will be on their own for at least 72 hours. If you would like to have anything added or another resource at your fingertips just let us know. Please check under the LINKS section as well.

Organizing/Networking Your Neighborhood

This Page will share successful methods used and link you to other resources to grow your neighborhood network.Click Here


Sample forms, newsletters, flyers, sign-in sheets and meeting notices.Click Here

Organizing Tool Tips

In this section are tips from how to conduct meetings,communication skills,Roberts Rules of order on voting,building community by good deeds, motivating other and many more.Click Here

You Asked For It

Graffiti Removal, Ordinances, Code Enforcement, Identity Theft, Sidewalk Maintenance, Good Neighbor Guidelines, 10 Things you and your neighbors can do, Public Hearing Notification – Just to name a few.Click Here

Drug Prevention & Education, Best Practices

This page came about after we had attended a CADCA (Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America) conference July 2013. Information that we learned and need to share what we learned. This reference page will be growing for awhile as we will be staying involved with our local coalition and National one. Knowledge is prevention! AND drug use in our community affects all of us.Click Here

Are You Prepared?

Emergency Storm Preparedness, US Geological Survey, PG&E, Red Cross Emergency Supplies and KitsClick Here

Homeless Resources

Click HereStepping Up Resource Directory SHAREDClick Here