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New Neighborhood Watch Signs

Inspirational Neighbors – Making a Difference

This is a gallery for Santa Cruz Neighbors to say “Job well done!” to those neighbors who have taken that extra positive step in their own neighborhoods Please click on photos for more information about the photo.

First Annual Block Parties October 4, 2009

October 4, 2009 Santa Cruz Neighbors sponsored 26 block parties city wide. This is a celebration of our community neighborhoods. The event seeks to unite Neighborhoods citywide creating an opportunity for all residents to participate in a block party, barbecue, ice cream social, potluck, marshmellow roasting or other creative block events.Read More

Each neighborhood could request guests to attend their parties. These guests included the UC Chancellor and Associates, Good Neighbor Student Interns, Fire Department, Police, Red Cross, Commission on Prevention of Violence Against Women – defense demonstration.24 Block Parties Guests, Activities and Ideas.doc Block Diagram004.pdf Van Ness Ave wanted to encourge everyone to know where everyone lived on their street and this was a fun tool they used, especially good for the children on the block to meet their neighbors.THIS YEAR October 3, 2010 Noon – 8pm (you pick the time)

5th Annual Block Parties Sept. 29, 2013

About 40 Neighborhood Block Parties took place city wide. 8 NEW ones coming on board. More creativity and engagement happening everywhere. It really does bring a neighborhood together with multiple hands setting up its really enjoyable for everyone. Music, Crafts, visiting guests, mixers, GREAT food made for a GREAT day with lots of SMILES.

8th Annual Block Parties Sept 25, 2016

Almost 50 Block Parties City-Wide – One of the MOST FUN years with 14 New Blocks on board. This is only a sampling of the parties Deborah attended. If you would like your pictures or ideas shared PLEASE email us.

Past Meetings Gallery

This is a collection of pictures from some of our past meetings in neighborhoods and Santa Cruz Neighbors Monthly Meetings.

Santa Cruz Neighbors Honors Gallery

Santa Cruz Neighbors received honors from United Way on November 19th, 2007 Received honors from Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce on November 13, 2009