Fundraisers for Two Neighborhoods
Santa Cruz Neighbors can be an umbrella Non-profit for Neighborhood Projects

Lee Street Neighbors –

Our community is joining together in an effort to raise $4,000 to make our NEIGHBORHOOD SAFER and we would LOVE your HELP. More specifically, we are looking to put up our own custom Neighborhood Watch signs and paint a beautiful mural under the overpass and install cameras. Once these funds are collected, neighbors will have an integral part in the decision-making process.

After the homicide under the overpass, we’ve decided we need to take a stronger stance on our community’s safety and have agreed that there need to be video cameras looking underneath the overpass for any illicit activity. We’ve partnered with three SC police officers to do a walk-through with myself, Deborah from Santa Cruz Neighbors and Lisa Gates from Grant Street Neighbors and has helped us find good points of best camera use.

All of the money will be collected and distributed by Santa Cruz Neighbors a 501C Non-Profit.
Below are the specific items we are looking to use with the funds:

  • 20-30 Custom Neighborhood Watch signs that will be installed by the Public Works department. We have to pay for the signage, they will install it.
  • 4-6 Green Kid Alert signs and locks
  • 1k in Paint that neighbors have already agreed to paint beautiful murals on electrical boxes/underneath the overpass as long as CalTrans allows us.
  • 4-6 delayed motion sensors for residents that want more lighting on their street.
  • 2 high-quality cameras  We are looking for one more neighbor to install. Possibly next to Lee/Emeline on the corner.

We know what a privilege it is to live in Santa Cruz and your contribution to making our incredible neighborhood safer for all that reside here is most appreciated! 

We are setting a soft deadline of June 1st, 2021 to collect as much money to our goal as possible and are going to start setting up the cameras/signs/traffic dummies by the end of July 2020!

Note: GoFundMe takes 2.9% transaction fee. This is for ease of use and using there platform. If you wish not to pay this fee, you can donate via check/cash to ” Santa Cruz Neighbors, Inc” to  P.O. Box 8002 • Santa Cruz, CA 95061

Submitted by Aaron Elbert and I’m an honored member of the Lee Street Neighborhood here in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA

Highland Firewise Neighborhood: Above High St Neighbors –
“Goat” Fund Me!

The Highland Firewise neighborhood encompasses the below streets and all courtyards connecting them to: Highland, Spring, Laurent, Ross, Sheldon, Meadow and Ortalon. 

The Highland Firewise neighborhood is adjacent to three Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) areas including Evergreen Cemetery Ravine, Pogonip, and Harvey West Park.  Pogonip and Harvey West Park open areas are initiating their own campaign for goats and/or other wildfire mitigation plans.

The GoatFundMe campaign is for the  Evergreen Cemetery Ravine.

To contribute to the Evergreen Cemetery Ravine GoatFundMe…..Go to the Highland Firewise website:  and get involved! Keep your home and the Evergreen Cemetery Ravine open area safe from WILDFIRE!

WE NEED YOUR HELP!   Contribute to the “GOAT FUND ME” campaign today!  Our goal is raising $14K for Evergreen Cemetery ravine 6.2 acres. We estimate using 400 goats who will be deployed 10-14 days starting May 22, 2021.  As of today, the Highland Firewise GoatFundMe campaign has raised:  $2,836.06.

Goats are an excellent and environmentally friendly way to clear large, steep areas of dried undergrowth, which is a significant forest wildfire risk.  

Save your home! Get Involved! Contribute TODAY!

All three WUI – open areas remain a wildfire threat into our neighborhood and to your home!


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Mail Check Donations To: Santa Cruz Neighbors
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P.O. Box 8002
Santa Cruz, CA 95061-8002

100% of donations are going to these efforts!

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