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Santa Cruz Neighbors is proud to announce the 2022 Citywide Block Parties.  Gather and visit with neighbors old and new.  This year your block party can be held on either Saturday 9/17 OR Sunday 9/18.  Applications are due by Wednesday, September 7th.   You can find the applications and more information at https://www.santacruzneighbors.com/.  You may also submit an application via this Google Form https://forms.gle/P4UD6Rfj7Vy6NaAh7

Questions can be directed to Amy Radovan at amyradovan@nullcomcast.net or to Deborah Elston at (831) 423-0745

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Citations for Parking Violators

Neighbors Bring Crime Rates Down – Suspicious Activities

Code Enforcement Complaint Form

Neighborhood Witness Log

Door-to-Door Solicitors and Strangers in the Neighborhood
You DON’T have to answer your door!
No soliciting sign
Vendors and Solicitors City of Santa Cruz Municipal Code

How to Give Descriptions
911 Center Diagrams of PERSONS and VEHICLES
Descriptions of PERSONS
Descriptions VEHICLES

Watch Sign Process
This is one way to accomplish Neighborhood Watch Signs. You can order the standard signs and information is also on this website – just search for Neighborhood Watch Signs.

Landlord Training
Keeping Illegal Activity Out of Rental Property

Resources TAB – new information and updating now on Drug Prevention and Education, Best Practices

Contact Santa Cruz Neighbors if you are interested in COURT WATCH – following certain cases and learning more about our local court system
Misdemeanor Court Process
Felony Court Process

Crime TAB updated

Santa Cruz Police Dept. Trespass Letter
Mostly for Businesses when they are not present on property
Sign up for Smart Phone APPS with SCPD
Santa Cruz Police Department has released an iPhone and Smart Phone app that will let you get your Nixle alerts, crime maps, scanner feeds and more on your phone for free#
Sign up for NIXLE with SCPD

Crime Page under Gangs – Gang Prevention Information for Parents in Spanish & English

Building Community

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